• Conrad

    I had a great time. And I love the Banana texture taste smell… grade A1

  • Mike

    Cannabis grown, cured and presented the way insiders expect under ideal conditions. Beautiful, aromatic, chunky, and lightly trimmed. The Gold Standard.

  • Chief

    Smooth, natural, and clean! Tasty, flavorful, and Terpy! Nice job Ed’s! Monkey Toes Tangie! And The Wizard! Please send me and MBC catalogue!

  • Cheryl

    The product that I sampled had awesome flavor and gave me a nice uplifted relaxed feeling ! I would give it a 10

  • Judy

    Fucking awesome! Flavor 10, face 10, sustain jubilation 10!

  • Jessica

    A River Run Gardens J is the best part of waking up. 💚 Ed, you are an incredible Craftsman.

  • Matt

    I was lucky enough to get a little taste of these fine folks work. These guys are the real deal. True tippity top shelf! I tried a fine heirloom sativa strain and was so psyched to taste a flavor I hadn’t tasted in years. Keep your eyes on these guys. They are going places!

  • Brian

    What do I think? I can’t think after a joint of your stuff! As I’ve told you many times, I wake up the next morning still stoned from your great product!!