Meet The Team

Ed DeSousa
Managing Partner - Operations

Ed is the founding member of RiverRun Gardens. In 2016, after years in technology management, a dream came to him to follow his passion. All was put on the line in order to pursue what has thus been achieved. Ed has been cultivating cannabis on a medicinal and personal level for many years and has now placed a team together to bring this medicine to the people of Massachusetts. Along the way, Ed found himself as an outspoken cannabis activist, fighting for small business and EE and SE applicants. He was instrumental in allowing small businesses to use 50 watts per square foot (opposed to 30 watts for large businesses) and the prioritization of Micro-Businesses to receive review with the Cannabis Control Commission.  Always willing to help others, Ed shares the lessons and information learned with anyone willing to take the road less traveled.  Nominated for two NECANN awards in 2018 and 2019 and recipient of KOP Warrior award in 2018, Ed looks forward to the day where he can give back to others.

Big Ed DeSousa
Managing Partner - Business
Ed "Big Ed" never dreamed he would see this day come. As an underground user of cannabis, he kept quiet, like many because his career was on the line. When Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis, Big Ed started to learn of its medicinal properties. He now advocates the benefits of cannabis. Having learned of the atrocities caused by the war on drugs, Ed is devoted to assisting victims, especially minorities in their pursuit of business in the legal cannabis market.
Irie Lion
Director Culitivation
Born and raised in Boston and the greater Boston area. Entrepreneur, electrician, horticultural Consultant and founder of The Irie Lion Consulting. Irie has been farming since 2006. As many companies race to produce the most cannabis, Irie has one focus.... and that's producing TOP TIER CRAFT CANNABIS with QUALITY being the LEADING force on all aspects. Skilled solvent less extractor. Being a black farmer, Irie finds it imperative to take GENUINE PRIDE and INTEGRITY in his work at ALL TIMES, thus showing and reminding other farmers and minority farmers that there's much more than having hard work, dedication & passion, as these are the obvious things... it takes a Love for this sacred herb that has metaphorically and physically saved us.... A Healing of The Nation... the uplifting of communities and the people...
Willy Bonez
Director of Cultivation
Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, Will Ried has always had a passion for science and plants. His affinity for cannabis cultivation took off in 2012 and he’s been growing ever since. He attended The University of Massachusetts Amherst where he earned a BS in Plant, Soil, and Insect Science from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Combining his passions for cannabis and science, Will has taken a technical approach to cannabis cultivation and helped others reach their growing goals. Whether at the hydroponics store he managed or as Co-founder of The Irie Lion Consulting, Will has always enjoyed helping others through growing and cultivation. Will brings his experience and expertise from multiple other cultivation projects to RiverRun to help bring high quality craft cannabis to Massachusetts.
Ashley DeSousa
Cultivation Assistant
Ashley is a nursing student and is looking to pursue an education in the endocannabinoid system.