November 2016 – The Dream Begins November 2016 – The Dream Begins
June 2017 – A Business Plan Comes to Life June 2017 – A Business Plan Comes to Life
2018 – Registered LLC and Branding 2018 – Registered LLC and Branding
Spring 2018 – First Go Around Spring 2018 – First Go Around
Teaching What We’ve Learned Teaching What We’ve Learned
September 2018 – Activism September 2018 – Activism
Meeting of the Minds Meeting of the Minds
Fighting for those without a voice Fighting for those without a voice
Published Articles Published Articles
Public Personality Public Personality
Awards and Considerations Awards and Considerations
National Attention National Attention
…And they listened …And they listened
Licensed Licensed

November 2016 – The Dream Begins

After many years in IT Management, Ed was tired of moving from job to job.  For months he sat dreaming and in November of 2016, Question 4 was passed, with the promise of inclusion for Micro-Businesses.

June 2017 – A Business Plan Comes to Life

In order to make the dream into a reality, a business plan was formulated in order to bring in other talent.

2018 – Registered LLC and Branding

Settling on a name was difficult.  RiverRun Gardens became a registered LLC and the original logo was quickly thrown together.

Spring 2018 – First Go Around

RiverRun Gardens spent months working with the City of Newburyport on zoning for recreational cannabis.  In July of 2018, RiverRun went in front of the Planning Board in order to obtain a Special Permit from the City to operate.  While it was not achieved in the first meeting, RiverRun eventually gained the right to operate.

Teaching What We’ve Learned

After a year an a half on the front lines, Ed started to get invited to teach others on how to enter the legal cannabis market.

September 2018 – Activism

RiverRun has been thrust into the activism role for small businesses in the cannabis sector.  Speaking at the Freedom Rally, he encouraged everybody in attendance to do one thing to end the stigma against cannabis.

Meeting of the Minds

Fall of 2018, Ed and Irie finally meet and discuss many ideas that would eventually lead to joining forces.

Fighting for those without a voice

RiverRun has always been on the side of the victims of the war on drugs.  Having appeared many times in protest whenever Big Marijuana sought attention

Published Articles

As RiverRun’s presence grew, the team was invited on numerous radio and tv programs.  People started writing about the Ed’s and the movement behind them…

Public Personality

Two years of stomping the pavement landed Ed a position to interview VIP’s at the 2019 NECANN Event.

Awards and Considerations

Ed and RiverRun have been nominated for several awards in the cannabis space.  In 2019 he was the recipient of the KOP Warrior Award

National Attention

After hosting a large rally on the State House steps, Ed was featured in a National piece that PBS filmed named


…And they listened

In just one years time, Ed spoke in front of THOUSANDS at the 2019 Freedom Rally as a headline speaker.  He decided to give half his time to a woman looking to follow her dream of owning a dispensary in the Cannabis sector


After three years of dreaming, stomping the pavement and sacrificing, RiverRun Gardens obtained their provisional license from the Cannabis Control Commission