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Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission
101 Federal Street, 13th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

ATTN: Host Community Agreements

Dear Commissioners:
Thank you for taking your time to develop a model that will surely be replicated once federal prohibition ends.
While the official public comment period is over, I hope you understand that as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I must continue to express my concerns over the way Community Host Agreements have been handled thus far.
Municipalities have been using Community Host Agreements as leverage in exchange for more than the law suggest. As Commissioner McBride stated, 3% is a maximum, and must be used as a way to mitigate any costs that may arise from this new legal business. Municipalities have been asking for 4, 5, and 6% of gross revenue. They have been asking for things such as firetrucks, new parks and fixing roads. These are things that we would gladly contribute to, if given the opportunity, but do not hold our perquisite against us.
Large out of state entities and RMD’s have no issues paying what municipalities have been asking. However for small aspiring business owners, asking above and demanding up front money on top of the 3% will virtually eliminate us.
Massachusetts has a unique and wonderful cannabis community. We want to ensure that it stays this way. We have already seen what corporate greed has done to Colorado, Oregon and California. We refuse to let the same happen to Massachusetts.
We keep hearing commissioners state “we don’t know what our authority would be”. We have a solution.
• Review Community Host Agreements
o if they exceed what the law dictates, do not issue a final license and report the matter to the Attorney General.
• Work with Senator Jehlan and Representative Cusask.
• Issue a statement to municipal law firms, that re-enforce what the law states.
We feel these actions are fairly easy to implement and do not overstep authority.
It was stated that not issuing licenses to those who have voluntarily paid extra to towns would hurt the Massachusetts cannabis industry.
We argue the opposite.
Making everyone comply with the law will allow small businesses, locally owned businesses a chance to compete with RMD’s and out of state entities.
Allowing cannabis businesses a change to compete means local people will succeed. We will offer jobs that pay a decent wage, we will offer benefits to our neighbors that do not exist with the RMD’s and large out of state entities. It means year round jobs for people on the cape. It means a source of revenue for small towns with no business to offset property taxes. Giving small local businesses a chance, ensures the heart of the community remains intact.
So we ask you, please take these two weeks and think about the concerned citizens. Only the commissioners can ensure a level playing field. Do not issue final license if companies PAID for their Community Host Agreements.
Thank you for your time and all the work you do,
In Peace,